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Mechanical Breakdown

Unexpected mechanical failures happen. AutoSure have a selection of product options to protect you from the unexpected. Designed to provide you with peace of mind, this value added service keeps you & your family & or your client covered with safety in mind in their travels.

Warranty Top-Up

In a tough economic climate, it is comforting to have the security of extra cover, in the event of any form of shortfall. The AutoSure Additional Top-Up Warranty option, is designed to aid you financially in the event of any unexpected mechanical benefit failure shortfall. As a bolt-on to our existing Mechanical Breakdown Insurance range, this product assists in limiting risk and maximizing value.

Tyre and Rim

Road hazards, debris and other incidents can unexpectedly effect your pocket. Protect yourself and your family with a range of anti road hazard products, to cover the unforeseen and provide a solution to keep your car in pristine showroom condition and to give you motoring peace-of-mind.

Interior and Exterior
Body Maintenance

A cars value is not only determined by mechanical performance and economy, but also by appearance. Keep your car in showroom condition with our range of exterior body and interior maintenance products designed to always present your vehicle at it’s best appearance & ensure the best return on your investment.

Service and
Maintenance Plans

A good service record is imperative for the resale of your vehicle. With a wide range of varied options, our service and maintenance offerings will enable you to service your vehicle at the correct interval, within the manufacturer's specifications and ensure recourse from a reputable RMI approved or Manufacturer guaranteed dealer or repairer of your choice.


Hijacking and other vehicle crimes affect South Africans a lot more than realised. It's not just about losing a vehicle and going through a traumatic experience; it also has huge financial implications and disruption of personal circumstances. The AutoSure TheftBuster Plus policy covers You for certain losses incurred when Your Vehicle is stolen, Hi-jacked, or involved in a Smash & Grab incident and is only provided to You, Your immediate family or Your authorised driver and for the Vehicle as described on the Schedule of Insurance.


Through our affinity partnership agreement with Telesure, we provide our dealer partners access to the most efficient short-term insurance option available. Our partnership with Telesure enables our dealer partners to provide affordable insurance premiums to their clients at the push of a button.