Company Story

Auto F & I has developed over the past ten years, bringing skills and experience of over 35-years to form a company, that would become a recognised market contender where world class products are offered as well as excellent services and turnkey solutions

Our company has become a licensed Financial Services Provider and an appointing Underwriting Management Agency for recognised insurers, including: Centriq Insurance Company Limited, Genric Insurance Company Limited, Bidvest Insurance and the TeleSure Group, and continue to build from strength-to-strength.

Auto F & I’s growth can be attributed to the dedication of its staff and unwavering loyalty of its clients. We continually strive to exceed the requirements of our stakeholders which is confirmed by our business philosophy, which is to ensure that we remain attuned and responsive to the specific needs of our clients.

Our relations with our clients and our employees are founded on mutual respect, appreciation, trust and long-lasting partnerships.

We are continuously defining and reviewing our business objectives and we remain focussed on creating and delivering sustainable, profitable and efficient solutions for our clients.

Who We Are

David Horner

David Horner

Managing Director

B. Com (Hons), FAIS, RE5, RE1, Qualified Key Individual
Dave started his career in 1991 at Volkswagen SA. From this pure motor manufacturer arena, he ventured into the wider motor dealer industry where he gained vast knowledge at the F and I Business School in 1998. The F&I Business School is where much of what is known today in the Finance and Insurance space was taught and developed. David, together with Tony founded AutoSure in 2009 as the Managing Director steering the company to its current positioning in the market.

Bertie Rossouw

Sales Director

FAIS, RE5, RE1, Qualified Key Individual. Strategic Sales and Marketing.
Bertie brings extensive experience and expertise in the financial services industry as well as a wide network of business relationships. Bertie’s successes include several start-up ventures in the Motor Insurance and related industries. After joining Regent insurance in 1992 as branch manager, he became National Sales and Marketing manager in 1996 and progressed to General manager with Regent Insurance as well as Regent Life, part of the Imperial Group. His ability to build and foster customer relationships have been rewarded by several successful high-level business initiatives in the corporate business sector.

Kerry Deakin

Operations Director

Specialist Administration and Accounting
Kerry started her career in 2001, where she worked in various industries, following her forte’ & passion for efficient processes and effective systems. Joining AFI in 2011, she quickly obtained extensive knowledge in the Finance and Insurance Industry, as well as the intricacies of the Motor Dealer space & the mechanics of same. Kerry is a visionary and apart from many, her major strengths lie in forward planning in general and preparing the Company for forthcoming endeavors and expansion into the future. She is also responsible for the Company’s financials and all operational requirements of the business, as well as playing a vital role in the development of our customized administration system. As a result of the high-level skill set Kerry has demonstrated, she has earned the level of directorship & continues to excel at her core functions of organisational & operational management.

Tony Cillié

Head of Consulting (Non-Executive Director)

Internal Bank MBA
Tony started his career as a commercial banker at Barclays bank in 1985 after which he transferred to Wesbank in 1987. Here Tony grew and developed his skills through working with dealers in various management positions, as well as attending various banking courses, management courses and an MDP. His Wesbank career spanned over a period of 10 years after which he was seconded to the F&I Business School in 1997 as Regional Manager and in 2008, he ended his career there, as Operations Director. 2009 Marked the start for Tony at AutoSure as one of the 3 founders.

Our Goals

To position ourselves as a leading partner for the automotive industry by delivering an innovative and unique combination of products and services that are expedient to your business.

Business Objectives

To enable our dealer partners to participate in the ownership of insurance related products. Through our association with carefully chosen partners and suppliers, we bring solutions and increased profitability

To apply our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to offer the motor industry a complete solution which allows dealers to maximise income potential and profitability via insurance and value-added products.

Expertise which provide ongoing access to legislation regarding amendments and changes in insurance law

To provide products and services that have been developed after many years of dealership interaction in order to ensure the maximum profitability for our dealer partners, yet ensuring customer satisfaction, motor dealer customer delight, and taking all compliance matters and expectations into consideration.

As a company we pride ourselves in transparency, honesty and integrity and continuous synergy with our dealers to ensure a mutual, profitable long-term relationship. Our total value offering can be tailor made for your overall business needs and requirements and can be structured accordingly.
We strive to add value to our customers through our commitment and knowledge and place a high value on collaboration, teamwork, accountability and shared responsibility.


F & I Management and Consulting Services.

This specialist service provides our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a long-term maximisation of additional income when working with us, regardless of whether they use our AutoSure products or their own chosen range.

Expert consulting, training and development of the Business Manager and associated staff members.

Supplemental income consulting services is one of our specialty offerings that we believe to be critical to a dealership’s overall success. Years of accumulated experience enable us to assist the dealership and F & I to maximise their second gross income.

An initial introductory session is held with the client to establish and assess current position against industry norms and benchmarks which will determine the future needs analysis for your dealership and package offerings that we supply. These packages can be tailored to suit the dealer.

Monthly performance feedback
Periodic performance reviews
DOC management to objectives
Advisement on suggested commission structures for F & I’s to achieve the desired dealership outcomes
Projected income analysis via “what if” scenarios
Revitaliser training from sales staff and F & I’s on products
New product launches, training and accreditation
Soft skills training
FIAS and FICA training